Other african snail species

Helicophanta magnifica

Adult WC snails

Incl. Complete caresheet 

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Callistoplepa barriana Cameroon

Temperature: 24-25 degrees on the day and 20 in the night

Humidity: 80-90%

Adult size: around 6 cm

Soil from red sand, clay, moss and leaves. (High PH!!!! so DONT use cocopeat) and not too wet

This specie is difficult!

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Edentulina obesa Cameroon

Predatory snail, this snail eats other snails!!!!!
Can best be kept ALONE without companions because they are terratorial, only with feeder snails

Temperature: 22-24 degrees on the day and 18-20 in the night

Humidity: 80-90%

Adult size: around 3 cm

No soil needed, only some moss and a green leaved plant

This specie is difficult!

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Limicolaria flammea

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